49 To 10?!?! WHAT!

"That's it, I'm calling my Grandpa.""Grandpa!!! They're making Gator Bait out of us!! I should have listened to you and wore my Gator outfit."
Yup, we picked the WRONG weekend to be avid Bulldog supporters and have the whole family wear red and black. Stupid Bulldogs.
But losing wasn't quite so bad when we had this adorable little Bulldog to look at! So for all of you who are as depressed about the game as we are, here is some silly little Josie for you.
Obviously before I told her that we lost.
I could just eat those cheeks!! (not checks, right Mom?!?)


Kameron said...

Could she be any cuter!?! I love the cheeks! My boy has got quite a set himself. :o) Thanks for dropping by, and yes I will be checking for socks for a while before I hop in the shower!

Cunz Family said...

When I see that G on her shirt, all I can think of is the Green Bay Packers...which I really hope you never dress her in! She's so cute!