Who? ME!?!

I know that I did not waste an INSANE amount of time registering for all the amazing giveaways that were going on in Blogger World this week. I know that if there is one thing I do NOT need, it's another addiction that makes me lose hours at a time!

After finally getting a bunch of my buddies to start blogs, I know it wasn't me who got my bestie, Ames (AND Amber) to participate in Not Me Mondays!!! If I had gotten her addicted, I know I wouldn't be really excited to have a friend also wasting time. It doesn't make me feel better when others are slackers too!

I had to spend 3 whole days without Andrew this week and I know that I did not plan ways to monopolize his time once he got back. I didn't even think about hiding his phone OR his car keys. I don't believe in sabotage.

It wasn't me who started wondering if maybe it was time to start thinking about adding to our family. I am right on target with our plan of waiting a few years between kiddos. Even if I had thought such crazy thoughts, I know that it wouldn't have been solely out of jealously at the growing bellies of all my friends. I swear something is in the water around here!

If you saw a woman at the bank cashing in a savings bond so she could have a little cash for the not needed clothes she was craving the other day, that wasn't me. She was driving my car?!? And wearing the same clothes as me?!? Well, it wasn't me!

I did not secretly think that Josie was the cutest kid in the whole world the other day when I dropped her off at daycare. I am not biased and I understand that all kids are cute...(even though Josie is the cutest!)

Like a lot of you, I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of McKMama's little McMuffin. I am sure that it wasn't me, and it probably wasn't you either, that cried tears of joy when I read how that sweet little man arrived without a hitch. I did not get chill bumps and I did not praise God for letting me witness yet another miraculous healing. God is so good!

We do alot of cool stuff and my husband is famous for the events he puts together. Therefore, I am not requesting that everyone who lives in South Atlanta come to his Waffle House this Saturday at 2PM for the First Annual Waffle Eat Off! It won't be any fun and there won't be blow up jumpies, clowns, live music, or people shoving their faces with waffles as fast as they can. And I KNOW that I wouldn't suggest that some of the old youth group kids come to support Andrew. He wouldn't be super excited to see any of you anyways!

I am such a good mom. I know this because I did not let Josie run wild through the grocery store on Saturday. I wouldn't have cooped her up in the car for hours running errands so there wouldn't have been a need to feel guilty making her, once again, sit in the cart. So if you saw a woman apologizing to numerous people at Whole Foods for the little girl running and pulling things off the shelf, that DEFIANTLY wasn't me!

I did not get up extra early on Sunday to go to Target (for the 3rd time this weekend) to get Josie's Halloween shirt for next year. I do not have a sudden infatuation with owls and had to get the shirt with one on it. I know that Josie and I did not end up spending 2 hours there, and a huge majority was not spent talking to the lite up Christmas Reindeer decorations. Because Target did not have Christmas decorations out yet!!!

Ahhhh, not confessing does wonders for my soul!


Amber said...

Haha...I never spend hours wasting time reading blogs. I also did not first thing when we got home Saturday rush to read what I had missed in the blog world the last five days. I would never do that! It has become an addiction!

heidi said...

Oh - all the blasted giveaways!!! It's enough to make my head spin!!

Great list!

bev said...

I don't have a blog...my life isn't as interesting...But I do NOT look online every day to see if you've posted something new, especially things that you have NOT done! I do NOT grin when I see the crinkly smile Josie has! And I do not love ya'll! :)

Brooke said...

I loved your Not Me! Monday post! I also go goose bumps reading about Stellan’s birth. If I were anywhere close to Atlanta, you can better believe I would be joining in waffle festivities (yum, yum). And Josie is one pretty darn cute kid…..it’s funny how we all get so lucky to have the cutest ones, isn’t it? Oh, and I’ve been watching that Wall Candy store for a while….when we make a transition to a toddler room, I so need to get me some wall candy  Have a great week.

-stephanie- said...

ack, savings bonds are so yesterday. You needed the new clothes.
I am not ignoring my kids at the moment because of blog reading.

Jill said...

What a great idea to buy next year's Halloween shirt while it was on sale! I wish I would have thought of that. :)

kay said...

Your post cracked me up! And I agree... Josie is stinkin' adorable!!!