A Random Weekend

We had a really random weekend without much thought put into what we would do each day. I suppose it was a nice change since we are usually so scheduled.
It wasn't that there wasn't anything that I should have been doing, I was just really unmotivated, finicky, and indecisive. So we just did what we did and enjoyed our time together. Next weekend I HAVE to start all the invitations and crafts that have to get done for birthdays, baby showers, Christmas, and really to just clear off my to do list.

First task : Quit looking at crafting blogs! Every time I do I seem to add about 5 things to my to do list!! We spent Friday night visiting with the Glovers and loving on this sweet little man! Ean is so precious! However, my plan of exposing Andrew to the cuteness that is a newborn seems to have backfired. He announced on the way home that he does not ever want a newborn and prefers the method we added Josie to our family. I think he was just scared of how teeny Ean is!
Josie on the other hand, thinks Ean is pretty cool! We brought them dinner, but I decided we're not very good at things like that. We were an hour late, I made something with brocolli not thinking Tiff can't have gassy food, we didn't bring plates, and once we ate I was so in love with Ean, I didn't help clean up. Opps, sorry guys!

On Saturday I decided to venture out to IKEA to see if I could find a good deal on curtains. I was unsuccessful in my curtain hunt; but 3 hours, a new train, some play kitchen utensils, and a lot of pretty bathroom decor later, we felt the trip was a success!
Josie was AWESOME the whole time! I was so proud. The only time I let her out of her stroller was in the kids area and she thought that was the coolest! Since we weren't on a schedule or in a hurry to get anywhere she was able to play as long as she wanted. She tried out every toddler bed, sat at every kid sized table, and rode the rocking moose. After IKEA we figured we might as well go to Whole Foods while we were down town. I had wanted to try out Trader Joes but without Andrew I know I would have gotten lost so Whole Foods it was. And do you want to know how amazing I am?!? I know you do.
I got 2 weeks worth of groceries for... $65!! Man I'm good! I guess having a list really does work!The World's largest Pottery Barn Kids just opened at Lenox Mall and it really is amazing! Josie and I had a blast playing with all the kitchen sets and climbing on the furniture! That place is so pretty! Sunday was spent practicing Josie's skills with a big girl cup and doing puzzles. This little girl amazes me at how fast she learns. The first time we did the puzzle she just kind of stared at it, but after I did it two times she could point where they went but couldn't get the pieces to fit, but by the end of the day, she was doing it by herself! Smarty pants!
Then it was Bible Study and bed.
Pretty unproductive, but fun!