Not Me! Monday!

Josie and I did not spend Sunday going from bed, to couch, to bed, to couch, to bed, to couch before finally going to bed. Our weekends are always productive and full of learning, not couch sitting.

I did not, in any way shape or form, thoroughly enjoy my last weekend of party/holiday/invitation making freeness that we'll have until FEBRUARY 12th when we board our plane to Arizona. I am not one to ever over plan my weekends and I surely do not enjoy planning parties!

I was not give Andrew the silent treatment the whole way to the Glover's on Friday night after he got all uppity about me putting his dessert on the floor for the ride. And once he uttered out his humble apology for freaking out over where the dessert rode in the car, I did not smile super big. I do not get a kick out of apologies.

I did not convince myself that I needed to go to IKEA to price out some curtains for the house only to end up buying lots of little things that were not curtains! When I am on a mission, I never get side tracked!

Surely it was not I who decided that there was nothing wrong with buying Josie a dress for our Christmas pictures and then returning it right after our photo shoot is done. That is ghetto and I am most defiantly NOT ghetto!

Andrew did not take me out on a much needed, Josie-free, no talking about work date on Saturday night. And if he had, I know I wouldn't have loved every second of it!

We are Health Food Fanatic Wannabees at the Pope House. Unfortunately, Josie has decided to protest every and all vegetable that isn't tomato soup or served on a pizza. That being said, I am not shamelessly asking for ideas on how to smuggle veggies into my daughter's belly at least once a day. I mean, I wrote all the books on healthy toddler eating (I don't mean healthy ways to eat your toddler!), so why would I need ideas?!?

*Seriously though, any ideas???


Keyona said...

Oh is it WRONG to return the Christmas dress after pictures?? Hmmm..LOL!

Beautiful baby you have! :o)

Kameron said...

I also did not buy a dress to wear to a charity event sat night and plan to return it Tuesday. I was also not so embarassed about it that I left it out of my Not Mes!

heidi said...

What about a veggie pizza???

Bev said...

jerry Seinfeld's wife has a GREAT book for sneaking veggies in all sorts of food...even cake and cookies. I know...how would a single woman with no kids know about it? One day I will make a great wife and mother!


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Let's say it is not ghetto to return the dress, let's say it is very recessionista of you to do so. Like the list!