A Crown For Our Princess

I've been eyeing the felt crowns over at Cakies for awhile now but no matter how hard I try, I can't justify the price. So I started looking around and I found this Tutorial and decided to give it a try.
It took about 2 hours, but I sewed it all by hand. It would be way faster if I used my sewing machine. I think it turned out so cute! And the total price: $2.15!
It's a little off centered and the proportions are off a little, but with a few adjustments, the next one will be perfect! And as for the Princess, I think she approves!I also have fallen in love with all the cutesy throw pillows they sell at Pottery Barn Kids, but since we are decorating on a budget, a $20 pillow for a 1 year old to drool on is out of the question. So I decided to make those too!

Here is my first attempt at a pillow. It hasn't been stuffed yet so the left side is still open. I love putting her name on things and birds, owls, trees, and flowers are going to be the theme of her room. Kind of like a magical forest.


Becca said...

That crown is adorable, way to go!

The Henrys said...

I love the crown. I'm not much of a sewer but I might be able to manage it. The pillow is going to be really cute. I too get ideas from Pottery Barn and then find cheaper ways to do something similar. I only wish I had your sewing skills!