Menu Planning

So I have been feeling bad that I don't cook lately. I mean, I do clean... A LOT! But I have felt like I wanted to start cooking but by the time I get home I never feel like trying to come up with what to make. And if I do, we never have all the ingredients.
Enter Menu Planning.
I found a blog (and for the life of me I can't remember what it was) that a whole bunch of bloggers post links to what they will be cooking for that week. So I spent my lunch one day last week reading menu plans and coming up with one for us. Then I listed ingredients that were needed and crossed off what we had at the house. I even organized my grocery list by department!
Sweet Lord, was it a great experience. After having already toted Josie around shopping for 4 hours before we even made it to the grocery store, it was awesome to have my list organized.
What used to be a two hour experience, was cut down to about 45 minutes. What used to cost $75 per week was cut down to $65 for 2 weeks!!!! I'm sure we will need to pick a couple things up during the week, but we will still be WAY under budget which will come in handy for Andrew's birthday celebration Friday night!
SO without further ado, here is what the Pope Family will be eating the next 2 weeks...

Sunday - Whole wheat lasagna; spinach; yogurt
Monday - (we always eat at Andrew's parents)
Tuesday - Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
Wednesday - Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries
Thursday - Baked Ziti; broccoli; garlic bread
Friday - DAVE AND BUSTER'S!!! (Andrew's 27th Birthday!)
Saturday - Meatloaf; Mashed Potatoes; Squash
Sunday - Beef Stew; biscuits
Monday - Something Yummy at Darlene and Curt's!
Tuesday - Tacos (Ravioli for Josie)
Thursday - Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
Friday - Grocery Night (Eat at Whole Foods)

We'll see how we do sticking to it! What are you eating this week???


Cunz Family said...

I just made a home made chicken pot pie last week and it was really good! I think I need to menu plan..our dinner prep usually goes something like this:
Ryan-I have an idea for dinner...but what do you want
Bonny-Not sure, havent thought about it yet....
Ryan-How about tacos

I think we eat tacos 3 times a week!

Andrea said...

Congrats!!! You won a Phat Baby Wrap from a contest you entered over at Glimpse!! Please contact me at andrea.glimpse@gmail.com within the next week!! Thank and congrats again!!