I Won Again!!

I just found out that I won a Baby Phat Wrap! I am SO excited!

I am going to get it with this pattern on one side...And this color brown on the other side!Since there is pretty much not even a small chance that Josie will let me carry her in it now that she is Miss Independant, I suppose I will try to convince one of my MANY pregnant or brand new Mommy friends to wear it until I convince Andrew we need a new Little Pope.

Winning is really fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh that thing is soooo MINE! :)

The Glover Family said...

I definity think that I should use this until Amy's little girl gets here!!!!! LOL
How do you find out about all this free stuff?

Brooke said...

With all your winning, I need you to enter a contest or two on my behalf :) I have no luck with these.