The Big 2 - 7

Friday night we ventured out to Dave And Buster's to celebrate Andrew's 27th birthday. We decided that 27 is the first age that actually sounds like he is an adult so we felt it was appropriate to ring in his next year by acting like complete children.
David and Amber, Scott and Amy, and the O'Prys (who need a blog!) meet us there and we had so much fun!Keep in mind that Andrew NEVER drinks. I am pretty sure the last time he drank was on his 21st birthday. So I was a little nervous about everyone buying him a few shots. Luckily they were pretty watered down so he only said slightly embarrassing things instead of full on humiliation!
Amy got him a fruity drink that was quite yummy! And we got to keep the glass!In this next picture you will see Andrew and Scott toast Andrew's birthday. As you look at this picture and then the one right after it, pay close attention to their faces. They are drinking the exact same thing.HeHe!
I had to cut Andrew off when he started grabbing his man boobs and talking about marrying Scott.
Then we all acted like teenagers and played games for about an hour. Amy and I learned that we suck at basketball and we all raced each other on the group racing game. I would have won if Andrew hadn't rear ended me right at the finish line. When you ask for a girl group picture you get this...
When you ask for a guy group picture you get this...Then we sat in traffic for 2 hours with me and Amy singing at the top of our lungs and the boys sleeping in the back seat.
I love my old man! Happy Birthday Baby!


Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

awwwwwwwww...Happy belated Birthday to your honey! LOVED the pictures! OMG I was CRACKIN up! I don't drink either, and yet the stupid just pours out of my mouth. Maybe if I drank I'd be normal? BAHAHAHA!!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew!
Looks like you all had a wonderful time!