It Wasn't Me!!!

I did not get SO excited planning Andrew's 27th birthday celebration that I neglected to find a babysitter for our daughter! She is always my first thought, even before the idea of playing in a child-free arcade with my BFF's.

I am 100% sure that I have not become addicted to the idea of making felt food for Josie's play kitchen. I don't think that it is the cutest idea in the whole World. Of course, for now it will have to remain an idea seeing as it seems to be me who in fact does NOT have any spare time! (anybody know a good place to buy felt food???

When Andrew's mom asked if she could take Josie to the Family Thanksgiving Feast even though Andrew and I decided we wanted to skip it this year, I know that I didn't answer "YES!" before she was even finished asking! I love Saturdays with my girly and have never once considered letting her Nana have her even though I was at home!
Did you hear that woman whining, harrassing, and bribing her friend to go get her coffee last week? I'm sure she was totally stressed about deadlines at work and about to fall asleep, but geez! Demanding a pregnant woman stop her day, go out in the freezing cold, and buy coffee? That's crazy. I'm SO glad that was NOT me!
I did not break my own rule by listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving Day. I believe in celebrating each holiday and not skipping ahead. Even if I will be sitting at home by myself (well, with Josie) on Thanksgiving without even a turkey sandwich in sight.

Josie has been playing by herself so nicely lately. So I paid no attention when she was playing with her babies and kept saying, "Baby, ewwww" on the other side of the room. When I did finally look, I know that I did not see my daughter standing over her baby who was NOT buried under a pile of white powder. I'm pretty sure Josie wasn't holding an empty bottle of baby powder either. I always keep a very close eye on her and powder is never within a toddler's reach.

It did not take me 8 months to actually order Josie's new birth certificate (with our names as her parents!!!). And after I did (not) finally fill out the papers and send them off to the vital record gods, I know that I did not get a little nervous and start thinking that maybe we weren't really her parents! Never once did I think of running away with her to Mexico, just until the certificate came in and did, in fact, list us as her parents.

I am SO glad that I was NOT a part of that group of crazy, wild, acting like a bunch of teenagers, adults that I saw at Dave and Busters Friday night! I'm sure it was the first time they'd gone out with a big group of friends with absolutly no children in sight in a very long time, but come on people. Act your age! (and for Andrew, that would mean acting 27!!)

I love a good bargain. I mean, I REALLY love a good bargain. So I totally claim this one: I DID get Josie 4 pairs of PJ's, 14 full outfits, a new swimsuit, and a pair of high end shoes (ALL Gap and Gymboree and hardly ever worn!!) for $60 (that's like less then $3 an outfit!). I will not have the best thrifty shopping mom dressed 2 year old in all the land!


Brooke said...

Great list! I need to go toddler clothes shoppin with you!!!!

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

And I will NOT confess that I can name almost EVERY line name of Gymboree posted in that picture...nope NOT ME!! I am simply NOT OBSESSED with Gymboree! NOT AT ALL! ;)

Josie is simply GORGEOUS by the way!!

Jill said...

That pic of your little girl is adorable!
I'm trying to get motivated to make felt food, too. There's just so much to do!

BluRayn said...

Your little girl is such a cutie!! Yay for you for being such a savvy shopper, you go girl!! The felt food sounds like an awesome idea! Make sure to post pics when you find the time to make some!!