What a difference a year makes.

This is us. One year ago to the day. Sitting in our very last IMPACT Class. Completely unaware of the life change that would happen in just 48 short hours.
Our little girl was sitting in someonelse's home. Completely unaware of the life change that she would have in just 48 short hours.
Two worlds that didn't know the other existed. Both longing for something permanent, special, real.
I find it hard to believe that a year has passed since the day Josie entered our lives. I look at this picture and laugh. I remember sitting in class that day. I remember asking the foster parent panel questions and wondering if any of their foster kids would be up for adoption soon. I remember being so excited to be done with the class and so sad that the waiting would now have to begin. Little did I know, our wait would not be long!
I sometimes wonder where Josie would be if Tanya hadn't called us that day. I wonder what she'd be doing today if her birth mother had kept her. I wonder if she will ever know how lucky we all were to find each other. I know I will never be the same after holding her.
This child who was abandoned, moved around, and unclaimed has now traveled to 4 different states, taken a plane ride 8 times, seen the ocean, sled in the Minnesota snow, been spoiled by 3 sets of Grandparents, celebrated a toy filled Christmas, and most importantly, been loved by countless people.
Anniversaries are always a time of reflection for me. On our wedding anniversary we always talk and laugh about where we started, where we've been, the things we've done, and where we hope to go in the next year. Josie's Welcome Home Day Anniversary will be spent the same way.
On October 2nd we will wake our baby up with sweet kisses. We'll hug her a little longer. We'll listen to her a little closer. And we will thank God a little more then we usually do for this beautiful Josie Kathryn. And then, we will take her out for ice cream (without one worry about the sugar!)
Having Josie everyday results in the wonder of her story wearing off. The miracle of how unlikely but perfect our coming together was gets lost in the day to day. So for the next few days, I will remember all the details. I will share them with others who need a story of hope. And I will cherish my sweet ladybug for all that she has brought me.
As much as I love to look at the above picture and remember what the last 2 days of being childless were like for us, this picture brings me so much joy that it is indescribable.
Welcome home again Josie Pope. I hope we always remember the miricle you are.


beverly said...

Just reading that made me think about what I have been thinking and telling others lately. You never know how soon your time of waiting and/or testing will come to an end! Its the praise we release in the waiting that secures the outcome. The Popes are proof yet again, that God is faithful!