Moving the Benefields!

This past Saturday we helped move Scott, Amy, and Luke to their new house! Well, Josie and I pretty much just watched, but we were there!
She looks like a present with that big bow on her little head!
I am so in love with her little feet!
Josie entertained herself for well over an hour with a penny, a foam dart, an alligator shaped soap dish, and a bath mat. My child is so creative!
Oh, and she talked to the hampster a little too.
This has nothing to do with helping the Benefield's move, but it is pretty funny. I asked Josie for a kiss and it looks like she is screaming in my face! Now that's love


Cunz Family said...

Thats the same way Tommy gives kisses...he opens his mouth as wide as he can and plants a wet kiss on you...it's so cute!