Here Comes Little Ean!

Sunday was Tiffany's baby shower! I had so much fun planning the shower and was very pleased that the actual event ended up being as fun as I wanted it to be. We didn't play any hokie shower games, we just hung out, ate, talked, opened presents, and then ate some more! I love planning parties! Give me a theme and I'm off and running. Ean's shower's theme was just simple blue and brown. I tried to add lots of unexpected details to add some fun too.
Above is my mantle. I took out all our family pictures and put Tiffany's ultrasound pictures in the frames. Of course I had to put his sweet name up there too.
Kathy made us a diaper cake for our centerpiece and it turned out SO cute! It brought all the colors together and everyone loved it!
I peeled the labels off the water bottles and tied blue and brown ribbon on them. This turned out way cuter then I thought it was going to and was a huge hit!
Ummm, Mom? You forgot to mention that the sherbet would cause the 7-Up to foam up uncontrollably! Don't worry, it went down before any guest arrived.
Our pretty table of food! Many thanks to Amy and Sheena for helping with the food. It was all super yummy!
There was a lot of story telling and laughing!
Our favorite part!
Tiffany got a lot of great stuff! Doesn't she look amazing?!?
More of the girls!
Abby, Tiffany, Me, and Amy
All the women (minus Sheena who left before we could get a picture!).
Andrew was supposed to keep Josie out until the shower was over, but they ran out of stuff to do so he was planning on keeping her outside, but once she saw all the women she had to be a part of the action! (she was a big hit too!)
Everyone's hands on the belly!
I love these girls!Tiffany still has Amy beat. Not for long though!
Mrs. Tiffany,
I hope you had an amazing time at your shower. You are such an amazing mommy and Ean is so lucky to be born into so much love. I can't wait to squeeze his little cheeks and give him lots of kisses! I love you girl.
***After the shower, I promptly put on my PJ's and fell asleep on the couch. Having fun is hard work!