Busy Busy!

This past week has been an exciting one for us! Andrew got a surprise call last Thursday that he was going to be checked in to his new Waffle House that afternoon! We have been waiting for this call for over 2 months. It was starting to feel like it would never happen, so we were thrilled when it did! He had a ton to do to get the store set up the way he wanted it plus it was Labor Day weekend so that added a lot to his plate too. Our awesome Bible Study group came up to the store to help him clean and get organized. Andrew has had to work some long hours this past week, but things have settled down now and life is back to normal. Josie has enjoyed all the Waffles that shes been able to eat! Here she is doing her first Waffle task, helping put up the wet floor sign! Little Ean is almost here! Only a couple more months! So you know what that means...BABY SHOWER! I love throwing parties and baby showers are my absolute favorite! So I have been really busy making the invitations (by hand!) and deciding what we will eat and getting decorations! I've recruited Amy to come up with games though. I hate doing that!
I love having a creative outlet and since I've stopped sewing for awhile, I'm really glad to have this to do. The shower is in a couple weeks so last weekend Amy and I took Tiffany to do her baby registry. I think I had more fun then Tiffany did! I love Babies R Us. I can't wait to do it again in a few months for Amy's little miracle baby! Tiffany pooped us out! And why exactly did I not ever get one of these gliders!??! I could live in this chair!
Tiffany is so cute!
I still love my new job so that's awesome! Andrew has been keeping Josie yesterday and today for some bonding time. They didn't get home last night until almost 10 so the little ladybug was passed out! We decided not to plan anything for this weekend so we can recuperate! I'm sure something will end up coming up, but for now, nothing is planned!


Cunz Family said...

I love the waffle house...yum!