They Grow Up So Fast

As usual, we've been really busy this past week. I can't even remember what we did all weekend, but I know we did something and here are some pictures to prove it! My brother gave this Gopher gear to Josie for her birthday and I can't wait for it to be cold enough for her to wear it! The gloves will have to wait a couple more years, but she'll be sporting the hat all winter! I love anything Gopher and she looks so good in the colors! GO GOPHERS!!!"And this is what Daddy will have to do to any boys that try to bother you..."
We went to Amy and Scott's for a yummy yummy dinner on Saturday night. It was so good, I stole a big container of it and we ate it for the next two days! Luke and Josie played so well together, better then she has played with any of her other friends. The favorite toy of the night was a couple of salad tongs, or alligators as Luke would say!How cute is this little bugger?!?It takes a lot of love for a little boy to share his ice cream! He kept telling us "baby Josie wants this" and "Baby Josie doesn't want to do that." I guess he knows her better then we do! He is going to be an awesome big brother!
Scott even steam cleaned my car, which hadn't seen a vacuum cleaner in the past 7 years I've had that car! I bet he saw some gross things living in there! But now it smells like sunshine!Josie's newest big girl trick... Drinking from a big girl cup! She does surprisingly well with it too. We have been practicing in the bathtub and she loved it so I bought her a ladybug cup at the store last weekend. She will stay occupied for about 30 minutes drinking and then laughing at how proud she is of herself! Now to learn that you can't throw the cup when you're done with it!I had been resisting Amy's persistent demands to decorate for Fall since it is still well over 90 degrees here. But after going to her house for dinner and sitting with all the pumpkin candles and scarecrow decorations, I gave in and put out our Fall stuff on Sunday. I don't have nearly as much as I thought I did. Sad. I'll have to stock up when it all goes on clearance at the end of the season.
Josie was pleased with the pumpkin basket.And how cute is she in her little Guess overalls!?! I could just eat her up!A
And last, but defiantly not least, she got her first tattoo this week at daycare! It was a cute little fairy! It came off after a day, but she was really excited to have a tattoo like Daddy (and Mommy). She's growing up entirely too fast and I feel like time is slipping away. Luckily, each stage has been more fun then the last so I am enjoying watching her grow. A year ago today we were going to our second IMPACT class and dreaming of what our baby would be like. And now here we are, one year and a whole lot of "love love love's" and kisses later, and life couldn't be any sweeter.


Cunz Family said...

I love the Gopher Gear! Tommy has a vikings and gopher jerseys, he wore the Vikings jersery yesterday while we were watching the game...gotta support MN!

beverly said...

I had to leave a comment after reading the 'love, love, love's'. My granny would always say "I love ya love ya love ya" before we would leave, hang up, etc. My cousin and I do it now. good memories