Random Updates

So I guess it's time to clean off my memory stick and update the blog! I am loving my new job, but I'm so busy there is no way I could update this at work so now I have to find time at home to do it! So here is a bunch of random pictures from the past few weeks. Josie had an up close and personal science lesson in Minnesota. I couldn't believe how close this butterfly was letting her get! She thought it was pretty cool.
Here's the Ladybug with her MaeMae who is also a ladybug. I am so in love with my mom's garden. I've been trying to convince her to come stay with me for a month and plant me an amazing garden. I even promised her I would try really really hard not to kill everything after she leaves!
Me and my little lady enjoying our last day in Minnesota. The weather was awesome the entire week.
This was pretty much what happened all week. Someone had a camera and someone wanted a picture with Josie. Pretty soon she'll be able to give autographs too!
I wish her feet would stay this little forever. So sweet.
One of my favorite memories from the family reunion week in Minnesota was listening to my Gramma Jackie tell stories from when she was a teenager. Now I know where my wild streak came from!
Josie was so good about not touching all the breakables at my moms. She usually does really well with this at our house too since we never actually had to babyproof the house. But the last day in Minnesota these little Snow White figurines must have been calling Josie's name. The sweet thing sat and talked to them and would touch them with one finger. Someday I might let her play with them!
Hey pretty girl!
A fan of flip flops just like her Mama!
Last weekend was Baby Shiggins birthday! He turned 19 which makes me and Andrew feel really old. Where did our little Harry Potter go?!?When we got home on Saturday there were about 20 geese in the field by our house! Must mean the winter is on it's way.It FINALLY rained in Georgia!! Our poor grass was needing a good rain and that's exactly what it got! I decided to take Josie out to play in the rain since it was such a warm rain. She stood in it for about 2 minutes before she decided that standing outside getting wet was indeed not a fun idea. She played in the garage while I pulled weeds!We are still waiting to hear about Andrew's store. Hopefully we will have a positive answer by Wednesday. Other then that we are just enjoying having our friends over and playing lots of Catch Phrase!
I am starting to plan one of my best friend's baby shower so I am really excited about that. I absolutely LOVE to plan a party!! Little Ean will be here in just a couple months and I can't wait to meet him!