Josie and I headed out early Thursday morning to come back to Minnesota. She was awesome on the flight and entertained everyone at the airport while we waited for our bags. She is so cute! We hung out at my mom's on Thursday. Josie had a great time rearranging all the rocks in the landscaping.
Then on Friday morning we headed up to the Ranch to help get everything set up for the reunion on Saturday. Josie was in rare form and acting SO silly! I guess that's what no nap will do to a one year old!
I made her a little tutu and she looked adorable in it. She figured out how to "jump" a few weeks ago and this is her showing us her new skill!
By day two with no nap this is the face that we got a lot of. My cousin Emma was going to do her 18 month pictures by the river, but they would have all ended up looking like the one above so we passed on the session.
She loved the river! Ryan taught her how to throw rocks into the water and she thought that was the coolest thing ever!
Uncle Aaron!
Saturday was the big reunion! There were about 130 people there and it was so much fun. People came from all over the country! The day was action packed!
The Rouillard Girls know how to get the party started!
Josie spent the entire day at the ice bucket. The kid is obsessed with chewing ice, even if I have told her repeatedly that it takes the enamel off her teeth. I guess she isn't too concerned with that yet!
We even whipped out the huge bubble wand! Kadie was the only one who could figure out how to use it though, so it didn't last long.Two days later, she finally fell asleep!She was ready for action when she woke up from her little nap! Here she is learning to play the bean bag game with Cash!
At the end of the party Grandpa took us all on a hayride and it was so much fun! I forgot how big the farm is up there!Aaron drove us up to Grandma and Grandpa Purmort's house on Sunday so they could see Josie too. It was a great visit. Josie went right to them and played. She fell asleep on Grandma during dinner!
I have a billion more pictures to post so I will put a link up once I upload them. We have one more family picnic today and then Josie and I will fly home tomorrow!