Braves Game and Life Changes.

Last week was a pretty crazy week. I found out on Tuesday that I was being let go from my job. I work in the building industry and the market just isn't enough for our company to stay the size it currently is. It wasn't a total surprise since we are all fully aware of the industry we're in. I was a bit freaked out, but luckily I have amazing friends, one of whom was able to get me a job! So I was actally only unemployeed for two days! I am taking a pay cut for the new job, but it looks like Andrew will be getting his store in the next couple weeks which will raise his income quite a bit. Everything always works out for the Popes! But as many of you know, I really suck at change, so pray for me! Tomorrow will be my last day at Manor Homes then I am taking Josie up to Minnesota for a week and I'll start my new job when I get back.
I did get one last Manor Homes perk though. Our lawyer handed out tickets to last weekends Braves game! The Braves are really sucking it up this year, but Andrew and I only go for the crappy food, over priced cokes, and to people watch so we were fine! We did find some crazy people who actually like baseball to come with us! Happy to see all the crazy people!
I love having Best Friends again.
Yea Scott! He has to work really hard to keep his eyes open for pictures!
Our seats were right on the 3rd base line about 20 rows up, prime foul ball teritory! Scott was on gaurd to save our pretty faces!mmmm! Dippin Dots that come in awesome little baseball hats! So worth the $8!This is what Scott has to look forward to in 7 months! Amy forgot to take my picture with the baby bump on. It was hilarious and made me consider getting pregnant. Well, until I remembered that I would need a new wardrobe! No thanks!
On Saturday we had an awesome time at little Julian's 1st birthday party! It was kid central! They did such an amazing job! Josie got to have Kool-Aid, Flavor Ice, AND cake and ice cream! I really am slipping on my no sugar kick. It was worth it for the sugar induced silliness that followed!Josie and the Birthday Boy!This was exactly how I felt at the end of the week. I'm so ready to go home!
On another note, Andrew and I decided to go back to church. We found one that has a Sunday night service that we really are liking. It feels nice to be back.


Missy Frank said...

goodness...i didn't realize she was that far along. I thought i just saw her not long ago....haha just kidding :-)

anyway, just letting you know i love keeping up with all of you on here. I kind of feel like a stalker sometimes, but i just can't help it.

have fun in Minn. and good luck with your new job. - Missy

Kayla said...

that dippin' dots hat is the coolest thing i have ever seen in my life!!!