Helen, GA

We packed up and headed up to Helen, GA on Saturday for a day of outside fun. We drug Amy and Scott along with us too! After a bit of a late start, we ended up getting on the road only to discover that Scott indeed did not know the shortest way to Helen! Luckily we like spending time together so the 4 hour drive wasn't so bad! (We took our way home though!)
Here's Josie all loaded up and ready to go! Our first stop was Anna Ruby Falls. I love the waterfalls! Andrew really wanted to try out the more manly carrier that his mom found for him, but Josie was extremely against it! I've never seen her make such a fuss! We tried to coax her into riding in it with illegal flowers, but she ended up winning and getting to walk.
I love us!Here's Amy, Scott, and Baby Benefield!Amy kind of missed the waterfalls behind us in the next picture! Dork.She's getting so tall! I remember when we both had to bend over to hold her hand! Now she can reach us with no problem.I have a ton of pictures from tubing down the Chattahoochee, but they are on an old school waterproof camera so I'll have to develop them and scan them in to post. It was hilarious to try to remember that the picture wouldn't automatically show up when I took it!
After tubing we headed into the town for some dinner and a lot of desert! We told Josie to eat her carrots and she tried to hide them in her hair. I swear she is too smart!Amy taught her how to throw pennies in the fountain!After all that, Josie was exhausted! That was it for our day in Helen!
Sunday we had an awesome day with the Hubbard Family who just finalized the boys adoption! I am an idiot and didn't take any pictures. Opps.
Josie has been following me and copying everything that I do! So cute! The other day she spent 1/2 an hour "sweeping" the floor and running to the garbage with the dust pan yelling, "ewwww!" Then she carried her laundry basket right behind me when I was putting the laundry away!