Family = Love

I love when we get to spend a weekend just doing whatever we feel like doing. It's so relaxing to not have a full schedule!
On Friday night we went up to Whole Foods. I whipped up a little jean skirt for Josie to wear with her Rolling Stones shirt and the outfit was SO cute! She always gets a lot of stares, but everyone was saying how cute she was! I fully agreed with every one of them. (except for the guy who said, "hey fat cheeks" to her. I'm pretty sure no girl likes to be called fat cheeks. Even a 17 month old!)Smelling the flowers.I love this one.Andrew is officially done with training!!! On his last day he got a pie in the face along with his new name badge. Josie kept trying to lick his shirt! Now we are just waiting for the call that will tell him which store will be his. It looks like he will get the call next week. Until then he is rotating to other stores to cover for managers that are on vacation. He's doing an awesome job and really loves it.
On Saturday we met up with the Glovers for dinner and then went to the park. It was Josie's first time so she watched Everett to learn what to do. We only stayed for about 1/2 an hour because Georgia is ridiculously hot and muggy in July.This slide could take Andrew's weight. The big twirly one... Not so much.She was really not a fan of going down by herself!HaHaHa!
I managed to get a TON of sewing done! I only took a couple pictures, but I'll post the other outfits when she wears them. This one is from an old T-Shirt of Andrews. It's big, but she'll grow into it.For the longest time she wouldn't smile for pictures. Now we get this overly cheesy grin! There is no happy middle ground.She is also a huge fan of reading all the sudden. She will sit and read for a really long time. We read the same book over and over. I don't even have to look at it anymore since I know it by heart!We keep our Espresso syrups in a bottom cabinet which is about to change. She knows she's not allowed to touch them, but the temptation was just too strong the other day. She tried to run, but the evidence was written on her face. Time out followed shortly.Here's another top I made for her. I'm a little disappointed in it. When I first made it, it was way too big, so I cut it down and now it's almost too tight. She won't be able to wear it for very long which is sad because the trim turned out so cute.We have a really busy (but fun) weekend planned next week so come back for LOTS of pictures!


Cunz Family said...

You are so crafty! I love the outfits! I can barely sew on a button!