Josie's 18 Month Stats

Josie just had her 18 month check up. I thought she might get away not needing shots, but she ended up needing one. Poor baby.

She is still just 20 lbs (under 5% for her age)
She is 30.5 inches long (between 10 - 25 % for her age)
And her noggin is 18.5 inches around (50% for her age)

She is still really low in weight, but not underweight and the doctor said not to worry about it and that we should just feed her what she will eat. Which currently consists of anything with spaghetti sauce, mac and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, and oatmeal. Crazy kid!

I promise the Minnesota pics are coming. There were over 800 so I had to weed through them and find a good website to post them to. I should have them up and running by Wednesday.

I started my new job last Wednesday and I love it! I'm doing payroll and accounting stuff. More on that later!


Cunz Family said...

She is so little! Tommy just had his 12 month check up...well, he's 14 months old...but he is 31.5 inches, 24 lbs 11 oz and his head is 19 cm...what a beef cake!