Six Years Ago Today...

Six years ago today was the last day I woke up as Nicole Purmort. Six years ago today, I drove myself to the free makeup place to get my makeup done. I put on my $89 dress and put the finishing touches on a homemade confetti cake.

Six years ago today, my mom got bumped from her flight and called me crying saying she would never make it on time. Six years ago today, I prayed that another couple would break up so we could get another time slot. Six years ago today, my mom boarded a plane two hours later then planned only to have one of the engines go out during the flight (don't worry, you only need one).

Six years ago today I drove myself to the courthouse and sat by myself looking like a woman who was left at the alter. Six years ago today I was scared to death.

Six years ago today all of our family pulled into the parking lot, many of them were meeting for the first time. We filled up the entire room.

Six years ago today I had butterflies going crazy in my stomach. Six years ago today, I did something that most people said I was crazy for doing, too young, too naive.

Six years ago today, I became Mrs. Nicole Pope. It was the best decision I've ever made.

I married my best friend. Someone who knew every part of who I was and loved me just the same. Someone who had broken my heart, dried my tears, made me laugh hysterically, made me madder then I'd ever been, and who had stolen all parts of my soul the first time I laid eyes on him.

These past six years have been filled with ups and downs and round and rounds. We've seen some of our biggest mistakes and had some of the biggest blessings. We are a team that is stronger today then we have ever been: side by side, no matter what.

He is my protector, my sunshine, my hero. And I love him with everything that I have and it's so nice to know the feeling is mutual.

So here's to the last 2,191 days as husband and wife. I can't wait to spend the rest with you.

Love. Love. Love.