Anniversary Weekend!

Josie is becoming quite the little mama! She loves her baby dolls. She'll be a great mom someday...If she quits holding the babies upside down!Kisses for baby!This is the perfect picture of Josie's angry face. This is how she looks right before she swats that little hand at us (which promptly lands her in time out). She's cute even when she's being bad! Her new thing it working her eyebrows! They have so much expression!
Saturday was Andrew and my sixth anniversary! We are going on a big trip to celebrate our anniversary and our "Gotcha Day" (the day we brought Josie home) in October, so for our actual anniversary we just had a family day.
We went out for a nice drive and then stopped for ice cream. Josie had her first ice cream cone. I'm not brave enough to actually give her a cone with the ice cream in it, so she got to hold the cone and I held the ice cream in a dish. She was more interested in the tiny spoon then the actual ice cream though!Cutest Family in the World!That night Andrew made an awesome steak dinner with a ton of veggies! It was so nice outside so we ate on the back porch. I love our house!Andrew made good use of our new Pampered Chef Truffle Bowl! He made a banana chocolate nilla waffer wonderland! It was SO good (and really pretty!)!!Andrew had to work on Sunday so Josie and I headed over to Darlene and Curt's house to swim! Amy, Scott, Luke, Tiffany, Everett, Jacie Grace, and Jonah all met us over there too! It was perfect swimming weather and we had the pool to ourselves! When we were done swimming we went by the house to let Luke check out Curt's airplane! He was so cute. We asked if he wanted to be a pilot when he grew up and he said "No. I want to fly airplanes." I love kids!We also went by Tanger to find Josie some flip flops or some kind of summer shoe. It seems that shoe companies make shoes for infants up to 9 months and then start the actual shoe size at 6/7 but Josie needs a 4/5. I guess feet as small as hers aren't supposed to have shoes on them. I've looked EVERYWHERE! So the shoe hunt continues!