Happy Father's Day!!

Sunday was Andrew's first Father's Day! When Josie woke up he looked at me and said, "She makes me a father for Father's Day." I thought that was so sweet! Andrew is the greatest Dad ever and Josie loves him a whole bunch!
She couldn't wait to give him the present she made for him! It's a memory box for him to keep all the little things she makes for him in. I made him one when we got married and we keep all our love letters and cards in it. I can't wait to look through this box as she gets older!We just spent a lazy morning at home. Andrew and Josie ate cereal out of the box together and watched a show on all the crazy animals that live in Asia. Josie was really in to it!
After Josie's nap we headed over to Andrew's parents house for a super yummy steak dinner! Josie made a card for Grandpa Curt too! She only let him look at it for a minute before she took it back!We went over to the pool for a little bit too. Josie wore her little bikini and it was so cute! But it was about 2 sizes too big! Maybe next year she can wear it a little more. She was in a really bad mood, so the pool trip didn't last very long.Happy Father's Day Andrew. Thank you for being so amazing with our little girl and teaching her how a man is meant to treat a woman. I love you more then you'll ever know.


Cunz Family said...

So sweet! Ryan was pretty excited to be able to celebrate Fathers Day too :) Where do you get your cool layouts from??