Tea Prep

Every Mother's Day my mom and her Ladybug Friends put together the most amazing tea party for their friends and family. I LOVE the tea party. It's so much fun and everyone gets dressed up, it's great. So it's a big deal and takes a lot of prep work. Josie and I were going to escape prep day by going to spend the day with a few of my friends from high school, but they flaked out on my so Josie and I helped my mom. Well, I guess I more observed and managed from the table!My Mom!Andrew's Mom!Even Josie got in on the cooking action!We took a break to go into Anoka for a little shopping. I love the shops there, they have such cute things. I didn't end up getting anything, but I had fun anyways!Josie got her very own pearls for the tea and didn't want to take them off!Pearls and Curls. It doesn't get much cuter then this!She decided to help us put together the Mother's Day gift for all our guests!Bed Time!