My First Mother's Day

I waited a really long time to be able to celebrate Mother's Day and it was entirely worth the wait! The day was perfect.
Josie was really excited for the tea party!Hats and Gloves were optional!The Ladybug Tea Parlor!She is my best lady friend. This is my all time favorite Mae Mae and Josie Picture.Grama Jackie was really happy when Josie finally let her hold her. I think it's so cool that she gets to have times like this with her great grandparents.So much love for one little girl.The reason I get to celebrate.
I did have a couple of moments during the day when I was sad for Josie's Birth Mother. I know that she may not even mentally remember Josie, but in my mind she does. She will miss so much wonder and joy. And I think about how awesome Josie is and how grateful I am that I get to raise her, but I can't imagine being in the other woman's shoes.
Four GenerationsNana and Josie!Josie thought Pearl was really funny!All the Rouillard Girls (minus Emma and plus Katie so I guess it evens out!)My mom's guests! We all had so much fun together. Thank you mom for making all of us feel so special. You're the best!
After the tea party our family stayed to play cards and have dinner. My sister went home to get her hubby and my sweet nephew Cash. Cash was not a fan of Josie when he met her at Christmas Time, but this time he decided she was OK. He even threw her and my mom their very own tea party!Then we all went outside to play the bean bag toss game that my brother made. Cash loved it, Josie didn't have a clue what was going on!
Here's Opa trying to teach her what to do. It didn't work.
This was a much more fun way to play.Probably not the safest spot to sit baby girl!We did bubbles too. The bubbles kept sticking to Josie's curls! We were laughing so hard!
Cash just learned how to plant potatoes so he brought some over to plant in my mom's garden.She was pretty excited that she was allowed to play in the dirt!We ended the night with a yummy Italian dinner that Josie was more then happy to share with Uncle Aaron!
It was such an awesome Mother's Day.