There's Nothing Like Going Home

We left for our Mother's Day vacation last Friday. It was so great! I was a little worried about how Josie would be on the flight. She was perfect the other times we've flown with her, but she is much more mobile and vocal now so I wasn't sure, but she did so great. She was a bit of a wiggle worm climbing from my lap to Darlene's and back again, but when I finally decided to just hold her down, she fell asleep. Overall, she is a first class traveler!
She was really into watching the planes!
Here she is in my new Mei Tai Carrier (best invention ever)! She is so content in it. Thank you SO much Holly. For any of you that have kids, you have GOT to go check out her website ( http://www.meitaicarrier.com/ ). I can't even feel her on my back (I bet you wouldn't feel Tommy either Bonny!)Josie looks like a sumo wrestler when I do her hair like this!When we got in my mom picked us up. We decided to go to the Mall of America so I could get my H&M fix. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe and it was so yummy, plus Josie was entertained the whole time! There was a guy dressed up like a frog and she was really scared of him, but other then that she thought it was pretty cool.We sat in the monkey section and every 20 minutes they would "wake up" and dance. She was entranced by them! Every 1/2 hour there was a "thunderstorm" too. She wasn't sure what to think of that, but she didn't cry so I guess she was fine.
By the time we were done shopping, Josie was pooped. She slept so great in my brother's old room.