Memorial Day Weekend!

A bunch of us girls went out Friday night to celebrate Amy's 23rd birthday! I can't remember the last time I went out with just the girls and we had so much fun! We went up to Atlantic Station and ate at the Geisha House. The atmosphere was really "sex in the city" so we felt pretty important! I had googled the crazy menu names before we went so we could look cultured when we ordered instead of having to ask what everything was. We all had kabobby things (obviously I forgot all I learned from Google!) that were delicious! The bartender even gave us free drinks (except Tiffany, poor pregnant girl!)There weren't any forks on the table and I was danged if I was going to be the one to ask for one so Amy gave me a Japanese lesson before the food got there. It took me a really long time to figure out how to pick my chicken up with these stupid things and I still ended up using my fingers.Tiff went for the bottled water. We knew it would be a little over priced, $3 or $4. Nope EIGHT DOLLARS! She swore she could taste a difference between her water and our tap water. Whatever makes you feel better Tiff! At least it came in a neat little holder.We went to another place for Amy's favorite...Cheesecake! The bartender there felt bad for Tiffany since she couldn't drink so he made her a fancy Shirley Temple with all kinds of fruit juice. It was yummy!This was delicious!Amy ate her cheesecake so fast that I didn't get a chance to put her candle in it. So she made an after dessert birthday wish.Since the summer season has officially begun we decided to introduce Josie to the wonderful, juicy world of watermelon. She's a big fan.We went and bought her a little kiddie pool since it's been over 80 for the past couple weeks. She looked so adorable in her little surfer girl swimsuit! She screamed every time I tried to put her in the pool, but she loved splashing around from the outside. Her and Everett played outside all day. Best 5 dollars I've ever spent.Look at that ruffle butt!We played with Everett again on Monday so Andrew could try to catch up on his sleep. I forgot my camera though. It is so fun to watch them now. They are actually starting to play together instead of just being around each other. Josie was following him all over the house. Everett has an awesome gravel pit area outside with a big cover to keep the sun off of him and Josie loved putting the rocks in the bucket. I think we are going to have to find time to build her something like that too.
It was a great weekend. I love spending so much time with friends and family. We're going to my Dad's in a couple weeks and I can't wait!