Geranium Festival!!

We had an awesome weekend! I am SO tired, but it was totally worth it!
I ended up getting off of work early on Friday so Andrew decided to take me out on a date! We went to our favorite pizza place, Slices, and then out for ice cream. It was so much fun.
It was Geranium Festival time in McDonough and that is my favorite festival ever! Tiffany and I got up early and headed out. We looked like quite the circus trying to get both the babies, two strollers, two full diaper bags, and us all on the little city shuttle. Thank God some man finally got a clue to help us! The kids thought it was pretty cool that they didn't have to be in car seats.Josie found a time out chair! So far time out has been the only discipline method that has any effect on her. She does not like to stop playing to take a little break. But it works. All we have to do is ask if she needs a time out and she straightens up.Amy met up with us at about 11. We ran into a bunch of old friends too. We were there for about 6 hours and the kids were on their best behavior all day. We have amazing kids.They were ready to get out and stretch their legs by the time we were ready to go.Josie was fascinated by the acorns. She sat and picked them up for about 15 minutes.Are you serious?!? Could she get any cuter?!?
Amy bought her this headband that is so adorable so I had to find a dress to match. These are called Pillowcase Dresses and they are so sweet. I bought fabric to make her four different ones for the summer. I got so many cute ideas at the festival! After the festival we went to Christina's graduation party. It was fun and perfect weather. It was neat to see some of the people from the church that we haven't seen since we left.
After that Tiff and I went and rented a movie and drove back to my house to watch it. Josie was passed out by the time we got there. I don't think I've ever been so happy to sit down in my life! This is what I woke up to on Sunday morning. Amy had told me to put on sunscreen, but for some reason I was under the impression that I don't get burned. Opps. I am so burned on my shoulders and top of my back, but the worst in the back of my knees. I will be applying aloe for the remainder of the week.On Sunday we went to Kelly's sister's house for a play date. Josie was a big bully most of the time, but I attribute that to her lack of a schedule all week. Bryant is so stinking cute and the happiest baby I've ever met!
Now I am trying to find enough caffeine to make it through the day and praying Darlene can get Josie back on her schedule! Next weekend, we sit.


Cunz Family said...

I laughed out loud when I read how you had to fit all of you on a tiny shuttle...because last Fall, my sister and a few of her friends were doing the buddy walk for Downs Syndrome...but to get to como park you need to take a trolley, so we had 2 full size strollers with the car seats on top since they were newborns, I think we hit everyone on the way down the aisle, I almost peed my pants laughing...maybe this is a "you have to be there type of thing?" but I can just picture you now!