Family Time! (and picture overload)

I had a special treat at the spa on Friday night. I felt like a new woman when I was done! I went to go get Josie from Darlene and we headed over to Micheal's to get the supplies we needed for our Mother's Day cards. Josie was a big fan of the stickers! She enjoyed pulling entire bunches off the pegs and then waiting until I was occupied picking them all up to proceed to pull off another bunch. She's quite the comedian.It was brought to my attention that I look like a single mom since Andrew started his new job. Actually, he is home WAY more then he used to be, I just keep the camera in my car so I never get pictures with him. So I made sure to bring it in just to prove that I do still have a husband! We tried to get a nice family picture, but with a mobile one year old, it turned out to be impossible. Man is she fast!
At least I got her arm!When I did make her sit down, she was not pleased with me. Oh well.She is no longer stingy with her kisses! She gives them out on command... or when she is in trouble for getting into something that she's not supposed to. They learn quick how to get on your good side!
Her newest obsession... My Slippers! She spends about 30 minutes a night trying to figure out how to get them on. If she does manage to get them on, she spends another 30 minutes trying to figure out how to walk in them. She gets really frustrated when they won't walk with her! She usually ends up throwing them.And last but not least, the debut of her newest discovery...Her nostrils! Man can she get that finger way up there! She usually sticks it up there and says, "Dada." Hmmmm, I wonder where she learned this from?!?