A day at the lake!

We had a great day at the lake on Saturday! It was the Hubbard Girls joint birthday party at their house on Lake Jackson so Josie and I packed up that morning and headed over to the lake. It was supposed to rain so we were a little worried about the weather, but it turned out to be a perfect day out! Josie had a ton of fun playing with all the kids (well, except for one little boy who kept picking on her!). Here are some pictures from the day!
She carried and pushed this chair around for most of the day!
This is little Addison. She is one of a set of two. Her mom Tracey and I both went through all the fertility stuff together. It was funny to talk about how bad we were both wanting children last year and that exactly one year later, we both have our perfect babies! Her and Josie played together a lot and Josie kept wanting to hug and kiss her.Sherina's mother in law talked me into letting Josie try some ice cream. This was the first bite! She liked it OK, but only wanted about 3 bites! I'm so proud of her! She prefers her sugar to be all natural!
I've learned that Josie will not look at me for a picture on command. I looked like a lunatic calling her name over and over trying to get her to look at me. Oh well.
After the party the family always goes on a boat ride to a little restaurant on the lake to celebrate the adult birthdays. So Josie got to go on her first boat ride! She hated the life jacket! It was a little too big for her and was riding up on her little neck!It must not have been too bad because she passed out and slept right through most of the dinner!
We got home really late so we both slept in on Sunday. Josie didn't wake up until 9:30! We spent the morning playing and lounging around the house. Josie is getting really good at sorting her shapes. She loves to put things in different containers and throwing things in the trash can! She's a big helper!
I decided to try to watch a Grey's Anatomy while she was playing. She walked over and wanted to sit on the couch so I plopped her down next to me and she sat there with her legs propped up on me and watched the entire show with me. I'm sure it's not the most appropriate show, but it's my favorite and I thought it was sweet that she liked it too!
We spent the afternoon with Kelly. We hadn't hung out in over a year and it is so nice to have her back in my life. Josie was a big fan of her too.
Here's Miss Baby Girl from this morning! She slept in again. I had to wake her up and just bring her to Darlene's in her PJ's since she was still sleeping when it was time to go. I guess she's starting her teenage sleeping habits early.