Date Night

Andrew and I went out on Saturday night for some much needed adult time. It was great! I think it is so cool that we still have so much fun together. We've been dating for 8 years this June. We met at the beginning of June in 2000 and went on our first official date on June 28th. Although I have heard all his stories and he knows all my lame jokes, we still find ways to entertain each other when we're together! We went down to Atlantic Station to eat at the California Pizza Kitchen which is SO yummy! Then we went to a movie. We saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall and even though there was quite a bit of male genitalia, it was SO funny! I love a good romantic comedy. I hate the lame ones, but this was actually really funny. We were pooped by 10 when we were on the way home. When did we become old fogies? I used to stay up all night and now I can't remember the last time I saw midnight (we didn't even make it on New Year's!)
Josie and I went to Whole Foods on Saturday. I love grocery shopping! Holly posted an awesome bread recipe so I attempted to make that yesterday. I did not have any clue how to knead dough so I winged it and then looked it up on the Internet. I was doing it way wrong. I did not know how hard it is to do! So the bread is a little dense, but it was edible. I'll try again another time once I get some kneading lessons!
Holly (http://lowefamily.livejournal.com/) makes Mei Tai Carriers (http://meitaicarrier.com/) and she was SO sweet to send me one! It is awesome, way better then any store bought carrier. And I can use it until she is at least 40 pounds. Josie loved it. I'll post some pictures of her in it tomorrow. We walked around Tanger for about 2 hours and she didn't whine once! This carrier will be my new accessory! Check out her website, she makes them all by hand and they are SO cute!
Josie is now too big to let me feed her. While I am perfectly OK with this since it lets me actually eat my own breakfast, she is pretty messy! She starts out using the spoon, but hasn't mastered how to scoop the oatmeal into the spoon so she gives up and just grabs handfuls! Oh well, at least she's eating!


Melanie said...

Ah is adult time not great. One time Larkin and I dropped Mitch off at my mom's and realized about 20 minutes later that we were still listening to the movie Lion King playing in the backround. It just seemed so un-natural to turn it off. I'm so glad you and Andrew still find joy in each other. It's so important!!

Cunz Family said...

Could you just see all 5 foot of me trying to carry my 22 lb baby in a sling? Now that would be a sight to see!

Tommy also likes to feed himself and also makes a huge mess...I have those little gold fish crackers all over the ground under his high chair...