Mae Mae and Auntie Suzy

Josie had a fun day yesterday with her special visitors! My Aunt Suzy has a wedding in Georgia on Saturday so my mom and her came a few days early to spend some time with us. Of course I had to work so I was left out of all the fun! They spent the day playing and going shopping, her two favorite things to do! My mom and Suzy talk too much and got seriously lost on the way home from the outlet mall, but they eventually made it back to the house. Reading with Auntie Suzy. Josie would crack up every time Suzy laughed!She learned to say "Mae Mae" the day before they got here! My mom was so excited! Now to work on Nana, Grandpa, Grandma, Opa, Uncle Aaron, Auntie Erika...Everywhere my mom goes, she ends up being the flight attendant! Ding Ding!I love her chubby belly in the bathtub!Getting ready for bed.Mom and Suzy are leaving this morning so Josie is at daycare. We'll be going up to Minnesota in 3 weeks for Mother's Day so the goodbyes weren't as painful as they usually are.
Wow! Mother's Day! And I actually get to be a part of it! It's crazy to think of this time last year. We had just finished up fertility testing and were trying to get pregnant. Who would have thought where God was taking us! Thank you Jesus for our baby girl. She is the light of our lives.