Mother's Day Brunch

I had my 1st Mother's Day Brunch on Sunday and it was SO much fun! I invited 4 of my girlfriends and made a spinach and asparagus quiche, raspberry scones, clotted cream, and fresh fruit salad. Elissa couldn't come and Amy had a tooth issue, but Sheena and Tiffany came. I was so happy that it turned out to be so beautiful outside! We sat on the back porch and talked for hours!Here's my quiche! It was delicious! I have decided that I love cooking and while I might not be the best cook, when I do good, it's really good! I forgot to take pictures of the rest of our food.

We had a blast trying to figure out the stupid self timer on my camera! The flash didn't go off, but we decided this was good enough! Pretty Mommas!

This will be Sheena and my first Mother's Day! We are pretty excited!
I love this lady so much! (and I'm putting my bet in that her new baby will be a girl!) My goal was to have Josie take her nap during most of the brunch, but everyone was late and we tried to wait for Amy so by the time we actually got the food on the table, Miss Josie decided it was time to get up! She loved all the attention though and I think it was good practice for the Big Tea Party at my mom's next Sunday!
I could hug her all day!
Josie has turned into quite the showboat all the sudden! Her little personality comes out more everyday. Until about a month ago she really wasn't interested in playing by herself, but now she loves to explore and to sit in her chair and read books. Andrew put her in our ottoman with a bunch of toys last night and she had so much fun playing!Here is her new way to play her alligator piano!She is SOOOO BIG!!