Good Habits Start Young!

Now that Miss Josie has four teeth (and is working on number 5!), we thought it was time to start teaching her good oral hygiene! She LOVES to brush her teeth! Well, she loves to chew on her tooth brush, but she's learning. We all sit in the bathroom and brush together. Sometimes she isn't ready to be done yet when we are, so she'll continue for awhile longer! We may have a dentist in the family!
She also loves to read. She spends half the time looking at the pictures and letting us read to her and the other half trying to eat the book!
We had a great weekend. We went shopping for Andrew (a rare occasion) on Friday night. Saturday was very laid back. We just spent the day in sweatpants, lounging around. We had some friends over for dinner that night as well. The time change kind of screwed up Josie's sleep schedule so she's been getting up pretty early these past few days and not taking her naps very well. We're not sure if it's due to teething or the time change. Probably a little of both. Sunday Josie went to her first jewelry party with me and had a blast. She loves to scream and listen to her voice echo. She is so perfect!