Lack of Updates

I know that I haven't been posting many updates about Josie's actual case. And that is because we really don't have anything new to report. The TPR was granted on October 3rd and the lawyer has 30 days to file it, which would make today the last day. So hopefully that will be done at some point today. Then we have a 45 day wait before we can officially file our "Intent to Adopt" paperwork.
However, the clock is still ticking towards the 6 months that she needs to be in our house before we can finalize. March 2nd will be the first date that we could finalize. Of course we will have to wait for a court date to be open for the hearing though.
Either way, we are still extremely confident that the adoption is right on track. We have our monthly meeting with our caseworker next Thursday at 3:30. It will just be a routine visit, but hopefully we will get the info about the 45 day wait (when it actually started and when it will officially be over) at that meeting.
She is doing great, rolling over and trying to scoot forward (without much success!). We've had a busy week with all the Halloween events, so this weekend we plan on spending time as a family at home. Our new favorite thing to do!