Our First Weekend Together

We had such a great weekend! We love being parents.

On Friday night I meet Darlene at a consignment sale and we did some shopping for our ladybug. She is now the owner of many stylish fall outfits! Darlene got her a nice stroller that she loves. She likes to go for walks and be outside.

Saturday was a busy day! Missy, the girls, Josie, and I all got up bright and early to go back to the consignment sale for 1/2 price day. More clothes for Josie Girl! Then we went to Target to finish up her registry and get a few things. She is loving her baby food so we had to stock up on that! Then it was time to go home to eat and take a little nap. She is taking 2 one hour naps and one long one in the after noon. Missy and I finished setting up her room and it is now fit for the princess that she is! Andrew's aunt and uncle came over with their 3 little girls around 5 and we all had dinner together. Andrew's mom and step dad came over too. It was a lot of fun! Except Josie was not so crazy about Andrew's uncle. She gets kinda weird around some guys. But she started to warm up to him by the end of the night. We also had Amy and Scott over. They brought her some cool new toys that she squealed at for quite awhile! So cute!

We decided not to bring her to church on Sunday. She had had such a busy week and we hadn't had her home for a full day. So I stayed home with her and we had a great time loving on each other and learning about each other.

Andrew has her today and she will start daycare tomorrow morning. I'm a little nervous about it, but she will only be there until 3, so it's not too bad. I'm sure I'll be a wreck tomorrow!

She is such an excellent baby. She sleeps about 11-12 hours a night, take great naps, eats like a champ, and really only whines when she needs something. I think we hit the jackpot on this one!

My dad will be driving through with my grandparents in a week so he will get to meet her and then my mom and step dad will be flying down to spend a week or so with us. I am SO ready for them to all meet her!


missy said...

I love,love,love that little face!