My Little Ladybug

She is such a cheese ball! She is adjusting very well. Better then expected actually. And we, of course, are infatuated with her. We lose hours of sleep because we would rather watch her sleeping. My arms are killing me (she's heavier then the cup of Starbucks that is usually in my hand), but it is worth it. After all, how can you say no when that little cutie is reaching up for you?
She spent yesterday with Pastor Charla and is with Andrew's mom today. She's a little fussier today, but she is teething and we have had to wake her up the past two mornings. I am SO glad that tomorrow is Saturday and I will have all day to love on her. I don't think her body has touched the floor since she walked through the door!
We now know her birthdate, but not much else. We should get her entire case plan this weekend.
We can't wait for you all to meet her. She has been meeting lots of new people. We are planning on just spending tonight and tomorrow as a family so she can have some down time.
Other then that, we are just enjoying our little lady.