1st Day of Daycare

Yesterday was Josie's 1st day at daycare. She did great! I brought her around 7:15 and stayed with her for 1/2 an hour. We sat on the floor and she just started playing! We really like the center we chose and her teacher seems so nice. I kept kissing on her and she was looking at me like, "Mom, I'm fine, get outta here!" I cried like a baby when I left her there, but the teacher said she was fine all day.
She has mastered clapping her hands and blowing rasberries! It's so cute to watch her do it. We'll do it first and she'll just watch and then get this look like she is really thinking about how to do it and then she'll do it and just laugh! She's getting really good at rolling over too. We are giving her lots of tummy time so she can work those muscles!
Andrew's sister came by last night to meet her and Josie was so pooped from school, she fell right asleep in Caroline's arms! So sweet.
Tonight will be her first Cross Culture meeting. We won't be staying for the actual meeting, but I'll stick around for a little bit so everyone can see how cute she is!
She's learning so much!
We are praying for these last 2 days of the week to go by quickly. The foster family that had her only has until Friday to file their appeal. After that time is up, we are pretty much in the clear for the adoption. We know that God brought her to us and that he will provide a smooth adoption. Our God is so good!