IMPACT Class Two

Well, we are half way done with our IMPACT classes! Yea! This class wasn't much different then the last one. We talked about life books and how important they are for the kids. A life book is basically a scrapbook for the kids that shows them about thier life while they were with you. They were talking about how much kids love to look at baby pictures of themselves and that kids in foster care don't have any of those pictures to look at unless the foster parents take the time to take pictures and put them in a book for them. I am excited to do a life book. Even though we are adopting so our kids will have those pictures anyways, I still want to make it a priority for them to see every stage of their life with us. That's why we are keeping the baby journal right now, so that we can show the baby how much we wanted it. They told us that we should start keeping a camera by the phone so we can take a picture right when we get the placement call! I love that idea!
They also went over the different emotional issues that some children have. A lot of them are so understandable when you think about how they don't have any structure in their lives. We are going over the different issues so that we can be knowledgeable about them.
Other then that, the class was pretty much the same as last week. Except that the people who were supposed to bring lunch decided not to come. They ended up ordering pizza, which was a-ok with me. In fact, half of the class decided not to come. So we are down to about 20-25 people in the class.
OH, and we got a shirt for being the first people to turn in our green packet! Yup, we are teacher's pets! I hope that means we get first dibs on a baby!
One of the teachers was placed with a foster baby right from the hospital last week and she brought her to class. She was SO sweet. She made little baby noises during the whole class. I was DYING to hold her, but I imagine everyone else was too. We'll have our little one soon enough. I am getting so anxious to get the placement call. It's hard to be patient when you want something so bad.
We have our home study on Tuesday. I have to get Andrew to go cut the grass so she doesn't think that we live in a jungle! I hope to get more of a timeline from her as well. We have turned in almost all of our forms. I think we will be able to turn in the other ones next Saturday. Then we will just be waiting for our home study to be approved so we can be on the list for placement calls.
Part of me thinks that we could have a baby before Thanksgiving if everything keeps going this fast. If not, it will probably still be the new year. EKKKK!!! I can't wait!!! We have so much to do to finish getting ready!