I think I might be kind of nervous. Maybe.

So today is a pretty important day! We have our first home study at 3. I can't tell if I am nervous or not. I slept last night so that usually means that I am not nervous, but now I am feeling anxious. I know it will go well. I don't really know what to expect. I do hope that she gives us more information on where we go from here and what the odds are of us getting a placement before the holidays. I really want some advice on what kind of stuff we can go ahead and buy now so that we can be some what prepared when we do get the call. It's pretty hard to prepare when you don't know the age, sex, size, etc. of your future child!
Please be praying for us! We are both getting super excited at the thought of this actually happening.
I'll write tomorrow and let you know how it all goes!