It's Finally Friday!

Yea! This has been a crazy week. We have our second IMPACT class tomorrow! Half way done! I am SO excited that we already have our first homestudy scheduled. I hope that the rest of this process goes as fast. It was only a month ago that we went to the information seminar and decided to start the process now. I got a little freaked out that we were doing the homestudy already. I guess it's starting to hit me that we will be responsible for a little one soon! The only time I question my sanity is around 7am when I let myself think of how early I will have to get up to get a baby ready and spend some time with them before I leave for work! Good thing we have an espresso machine!
We are going to pick up our letter from the Environmental Health Department next week and get our physicals next Thursday. I need to draw a picture of our house plan and submit pictures of us and our house for our book as well. I can't believe this is happening! If this keeps going as fast as it is right now, we really could get placement calls before the holidays! Crazy!
We are having dinner tonight with Andrew's aunt and uncle and their 3 little girls. They adopted through DFCS in Spalding County as well. In fact, we just found out that we have the same case worker that they did! I am really excited to talk to Sherina about their adoption story. I have never heard the whole thing. I hope to really gain some support and encouragement from her. It will be nice to have an idea of what it is actually like to go through the process.
Missy is going out of town this weekend, so I am friendless! Hopefully Andrew won't be working too much so I am not bored! He has been so great about this whole process. He is going to be an amazing dad. It's funny to think about what a sucker he will be for the baby! He's such a softie!