Another Step Done!

We have both been fingerprinted and are now in the system!
I almost cried last night when we got to the Henry County Jail, which I was told did fingerprints 24 hours everyday, and they looked totally closed down! But Andrew went and found a guy to open it up and do my fingerprints. We had Holly with us and it was her first trip to the jail (and her last!) The guy who did my fingerprints was pretty funny. I thought it was really exciting to actually be doing something to move the process forward.
So today Andrew will go drop them off at the DFCS office and we will wait for our letter inviting us to attend the IMPACT classes.
We are going to Flordia this weekend to see my Dad! I haven't talked to him about the adoption yet, but I can't wait to tell him. I like talking about stuff like this with him in person. I am SO ready for the beach and the pool at Dad's house! This may be our last trip without kids. How crazy is that!?!?