Well, Andrew did his job on Friday. He went to the Henry County jail and walked right in, got his fingerprints done, and was back on the road in a matter of minutes. I, however, was not quite so lucky. My whole family was in town for the weekend. On Friday, we all loaded into the truck and drove into Griffin so I could get mine done. First we drove to the wrong place. Then we had to fly to the correct place so we could get there before they closed. When we got to the Spaulding County jail, we had about 10 minutes left until they closed the fingerprint machine down for the weekend! I made Pearl come in with me because I was scared of the jail. I was not expecting to go to the jail, I thought I was going to the police station. I was definately not dressed for a jail house visit. When Pearl and I walked in, the little waiting room was pretty full and there were 4 other girls in there to get their fingerprints done. We went up to the window and the lady told me to go wash my hands and have a seat. Well, let me tell you, I think my hands were a whole lot cleaner before I went into that bathroom to wash my hands then they were after I touched the sink in the "bathroom". So I "washed" my hands without soap, since the dispenser was out. We waited for about 20 minutes before the first girl came out. We asked her how long the whole process took for her and she said she had been there for at least 1/2 an hour. So I gave up. I didn't think it would be fair to ask my Minnesota family to sit in the truck for another hour and a half in the 110 degree heat. So me, the queen of organization was beat by Andrew, the king of procrastination. Dang. I was so frustrated. I want to be on the ball every step of the way and now I am behind! So I am going to for sure get them done today and Andrew will bring them back to DFCS tomorrow morning.
We had an amazing weekend with my family. It was so much fun to have them here and to show them a little piece of our life. They loved the house. They all got a chance to write in the baby journal too, so I was excited about that. The visit went by WAY to fast. I hate living so far from them, but someday I'll be able to visit a lot more then I can now. I can't wait for that.
On a side note, Andrew's mom had lunch with an old friend on Saturday. She just retired from Spaulding County DFCS. So Darlene told her our story and about how we are about to start the Foster-Adopt program. She was excited and said she would put in a good word for us with her old friends from DFCS. YEA!!