Ready to get this started!

Hello Everyone!
I feel like I am just waiting in limbo. We start our IMPACT classes this Saturday, but until then, we wait. We are actually waiting for our letter that invites us to attend the classes. Hopefully it came today or I will need to call tomorrow to be sure we are listed in the class. As most of you know, I am an avid planner. I want to be as prepared as possible. I have made copies of the few forms that our social worker let us know we would need already, but I know there will be a ton more. I have been reading some other blogs on adoption which really helped give me an idea of what paperwork is needed. Right now I know that we will need...
- Copy of our birth certificates
- Copy of our drivers license
- Copy of our marriage license
- W2's for the past 2 years
- Something stating that our well and septic tank are up to code
- Both of us need physicals and TB test
- A fire extinguisher
I know there is a ton more, but that is all I remember right now. I wish I had someone that could tell me what else to get in order. I was going to make our doctors appointments, but I am not sure what all we need to get done at the appointment, so I decided to wait until after the first class.
I am so excited! I am ready for our homestudy to be done. I know that is when the real waiting begins, but that is ok. I decided to wait to talk to my work about the adoption until after our classes are completed. Only 2 more days until the classes start!