Pearly Whites

Tonight is our first Trick or Treating event of the weekend.

We have one every night.

Josie's opens her eyes as wide as she can and yells about how much candy she is going to get.

I'm hoping she racks up on Twix Bars and Reeses.  

They were seriously lacking last year.

So to counteract all that sugar, we spent this week learning about teeth and dental health.

I could not believe all the fun ideas I found on Pinterest for this theme!

Here's what we did!

This book was AWESOME!

It was very 5 year old friendly without being a baby book.  It talks about the parts of teeth, what the different kinds of teeth are for, the timeline from newborns to adults teeth, and how to take care of your teeth.  It also told us about real life people from History (George Washington & Queen Elisabeth) and how they lost their teeth.

We also read George Washington's Teeth.  We loved this one too.  It is an account of his life told in rhyme and focusing on him losing his teeth one by one.  It was funny and lead to a fun talk about what a President is.

We played a counting game.  

Just roll a die and put that many marshmallow "teeth" on the board.  First one to fill their side wins.

Josie loved the idea of this, but cried when I wouldn't let her eat the marshmallows.  

After many tears and bargaining, she ended up playing and really liking it.

And don't worry, I gave her the marshmallows at snack time.

We did a few worksheets from 1+1+1=1.  

Josie breezes through the easier sheets and then really struggles with the ones related to phonics so I've backed off using those as much.  She's just not ready for reading lessons just yet.

We learned about cavities and did an experiment with an apple.

We looked at an apple with no holes and then poked a deep hole in it.  We observed it turning brown and mushy around the hole for the rest of the week and related that to a hole (cavity) in a tooth.  

It was a great illustration.

After our cavity talk, we discussed ways to keep those holes out of our teeth.

Which lead nicely into our flossing activity.  

Another slam dunk in Josie's book.

I found these "Me Books" at The Schoolbox.

We do a page or two a week.  I think these will be really great keepsakes as she's growing up!

Gabriel has officially become a pest during school.

He wants so bad to be a part of it but he still tries to eat crayons and glue.

I thought about schooling during his nap but I'm selfish and not willing to break apart when they nap. 

I need my quiet time!

What Gabriel does love is our Special Snack Day!

This week we made these teeth snacks.  Kinda creepy but really yummy!

Apples, peanut butter, marshmallows.

We didn't really have a science lesson planned this week but Josie found this crazy looking caterpillar outside so we spent a lot of time finding out what he was, learning about what they eat, and watching him crawl around!

It's an American Dugger Caterpillar.

Pretty awesome school week!

Next week we start our Community Helpers Unit and I've got some fun stuff planned!