Josie had a last minute wardrobe change for our Friday Night festival.

Batman was too scary for the babies that might be there so Snow White it was.

I'm not the least biased person to weigh in, but she made a pretty stinking cute Snow White.

I'm convinced that whoever wrote Snow White fashioned the dwarfs after a nearly two year old.

He has a cold, so he was Sneezy.

He skipped his nap, which covered Grumpy and Sleepy.

He turned away from anyone who talked to him, making him a bit Bashful.

Getting candy wrapped up Happy.

And let's face it, the kid's always a bit Dopey.

Josie qualified as Doc since she seems to think she knows it all.

Three years ago, I would have sewn him a stellar hat.

This year, I safety pinned a piece of felt into a relatively dwarf shaped hat.

Where has my sense of perfectionism gone?!?!

Speaking of my little dwarf...

In the midst of all our tricking and treating, we are signing adoption papers for him.

One of the very last steps before he will be subject to my crazy costume ideas forever!

Now we have to drop these off with our lawyer and he will have 45 days to file the Petition To Adopt with the courts and get us a court date.

I'm still praying and claiming that we will get worked in before Christmas.

I want to start 2012 as a legally official family of 4!

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween to you & yours!!! Your snow white & dwarf are too precious. Your perfectionisim has went out the window as it does with all us mother's. Kids will do that to you.

Praying all goes well with the adoption process!

Sarah said...

Happy Halloween!

I recently starting following your blog and just love it :) We're attending our first orientation meeting in December and can't wait! Reading about your experiences have helped so much.

P.S. I'm a Georgia peach too :)