Lightning Bugs

I tried my very best to be a laid back camper at our Big Kumbaya Night, but I just couldn't let the night go by without one tiny little craft!

I'd love to take credit for this idea, but it was my new buddy, Ashley, that told me about it.  

These little lightning bugs were a huge hit and super fast for the over excited kids.

All you need is a Mt. Dew bottle, a pipe cleaner, googely eyes, and a glow stick.

Just glue the eyes on, twist the pipe cleaner around the bottle top, and stick the glow stick in the bottle.

Super easy, super fast, super duper cute!


Tara Ball said...

Love the lightning bugs we will definitely be copying you. :) I also wanted to let you know that they are doing the mommy and me tickets again at the aquarium.

You may already know about it but I thought I would pass on the news. I hope ya'll are having a good week!

Danielle said...

I am SO ready to do a camping night with my friends and do this...can I steal your whole idea? ;)