Show Me Where You Live - Living Rooms!

I know, I know. I'm getting a late start.
But my computer refused to upload Kelly's Korner until this morning.

Well, better late then never.

And if you haven't heard about the tour of homes, you should just do what I did and start now!

This girl needs some decorating inspiration and I would love to see your houses!

So this is our living room.
We have a super open floor plan that we love.

It's actually funny, we were just talking about how when we first moved in, our house felt larger then life. Now we find ourselves wishing we would've added a couple other rooms!

This armour was the first piece of furniture Andrew and I ever bought! I have been looking for bookshelves to take up a little more space on that huge wall, but nothing ever worked.
And now that we don't have TV, I am trying desperately to convince Andrew to move it into our bedroom so we could use it as a dresser.
It's super heavy, so he isn't all that interested!I also have a slight confession to make:

I, Nicole Pope, love pictures. And if you look closely at my whole home tour, you will notice that I particularly love pictures of my daughter.

She's everywhere! Our house is turning into a shrine to her!

This little table is actually Andrew's Maw Maw's (Grandma for all my Northern Peeps!) old piano bench! It still has her sheet music in it.
Which I should frame now that I think of it...I love this frame, "All Because Two People Fell In Love." It's the first family photo shoot we ever did.The Cross is actually one of those things that is supposed to hold Christmas cards, but I think it's pretty just as it is.And here is our mantle.That's it for our living room!

I will be sure to post a picture of what it looks like after I bribe Andrew into moving the big ole armour and the rest of the furniture!


Betsy said...

Looks beautiful. Love all the pics.

Cunz Family said...

OMG your house is so cute! I, on the other hand hate our house (in FL)...due to the fact that we still own our house in MN (which I like), so we had to downsize ALOT and live in a tiny rental townhome here in FL. When we retire back to MN in 10 yrs when Ryan is done in the Navy, we'll build our "dream home" and I'll post pictures then of my cute home :)