Show Me Where You Live - Kitchens!

Next up, Kitchens!
Here is mine.
It's actually Andrew's. He's the cook in our family.
But recently I discovered that I can actually cook very well, he is just so picky that I don't bother!

I love our bar stools, I do not love the shoe scuffs on my wall.
I am trying to think of something to do to fix that. Tile maybe?That right there in the corner is my first baby.
My espresso machine! Andrew bought it for me the day we moved in.
I am still working on making them taste just like Starbucks!
And our spice rack is totally for show. We got it as a wedding gift...7 years ago!
The real spices are in a cabinet.You know I love you if I'm showing my sink with dirty egg pan from breakfast!
I love the pictures here. Makes me remember why I don't throw in my dish washing gloves and run off to the circus.
Oh look, more Josie paraphernalia!I laugh daily at our refrigerator.
Andrew and I always said we didn't want to put stuff on ours.
It was going to be clear off all pictures, magnets, artwork, and especially toys.
You can see how well that worked out!

And since I'm showing you my kitchen, here's JK's!

Hers looks a lot cleaner then mine and I am ashamed to admit that she did her dishes before her nap.

Her kitchen is set up in what would be a breakfast area, but we eat at the dining room table so we don't need a breakfast room.


Elizabeth said...

LOVE looking at your pictures!! Your house is amazing!! I was gonna tell you about this idea I saw on another blogger...I don't know how to do the link, but it's Thrifty Decor Chick!! She's on my bloglist. She redid her kitchen island, and it looks great. It's an idea you could do to quit suffering from those scuff marks! Check her out! Hope all is well with your family!! Have a great weekend! :)

Betsy said...

Your cabinets are gorgeous.