Where I Come To Terms With The Face I'm A Stage Mom

I nearly cried when Josie said she was done with ballet.

But I got it.  We had just moved across the country and everything in her little world was new and strange.  A new dance studio felt scary and she just didn't want any part of it.

And I am not a Stage Mom.

I won't project regrets of my childhood (e.i. no dance, no rhythm) onto my kids.

So we hung up the ballet slippers and packed up the recital costumes and that was that.

Until two weeks ago, during a dance sesh with Andrew, when Josie exclaimed, "I want to do dance again!"

And, y'all, I hit up Google to find a new studio so fast that I obviously am a Stage Mom who lives through her children.

We just barely made the deadline for a week long dance camp intensive where she got to try jazz, hiphop (please pick hiphop Josie), lyrical, tumbling & cheer, and ballet.

Yesterday we got to go in and watch them and I couldn't believe all the stuff they learned in 4 days.  They did four or five full dances and a cheer routine.  I was majorly impressed.  It was an excellent sales tactic since I beat a path right to registration to get her enrolled in a few classes.

This girl.


Dawn Rebekah said...

I was dragged into being a stage mom by my then 3 year old daughter. Now that she is almost 12 and spends 7+ hours a week at the studio, I can't imagine it being different. I live and breathe dance with her, because she talks/does it constantly. I am glad you found a studio you like. She is so cute.
Blessings, Dawn